Ezz Kout Company Was founded in 2007 with its headquarters in Kuwait and is one of the leading real estate development companies and the most active developer of residential complexes. Ezz Kout contributes a vital role in improving the real estate sector in Kuwait and helps elevating it to unprecedented levels It Ensure underneath 

Rakomesko Group Real Estate Development Company (Headquarters - State of Kuwait) 

Rakomesko PALM OIL SDN. BHD (Headquarters - Congo) 

Abnaa al-Sour Real Estate Company (Headquarters - State of Kuwait) 

Al-Rashid and Al- Senan Kuwaity Real Estate Company (Headquarters -  Malaysia) 

Marmaid Shipping Company SDN. BHD (Headquarters - Malaysia) 

Gulf Real  Estate Company (Headquarters - Congo)


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 is a Kuwaiti company that specializes in real estate and investment sector includes underneath Rakomesko Group Real Estate Development Company and the Abnaa al-Sour real estate company, was founded in 2007. Where he came from the founding of the Ezz Kout outcome of a combination of business professionals in the real estate sector efforts, with great expertise in this field. Ezz Kout Company seeks today to occupy leading place in the real estate sector and a privileged position to become one of the successful companies on the local, regional and global level. And that by focusing on different investment activities and to provide innovative real estate products live up to fulfill the aspirations of investors and exceed their expectations and move towards the future with confidence and determination on certain development and innovation.
And as an inevitable result of the experience of the members and founders of cumulative company and their knowledge of the extensive to the conditions of the Kuwaiti market, the company adopted a deliberate business strategy based on transparency and integration and full commitment to growth and development, and major features of the investment strategy and the Ezz Kout focus on results proven, through its investment projects in emerging markets where they are All the company's choice of investments with high accuracy to ensure the best return on investment.



Assume the lead as one of the leading companies of Kuwait and the world.



We are at the height of Cote, we believe that excellence and competitiveness require to develop creative renewed strategic thought ..So Ezz Kout Company  grounded in its vision to achieve a quantum leap in the concept of property industry and turn from the traditional path to real role, which would contribute in providing all means of success for the investor.
The work of the company's future plan is based on the expansion of the real estate projects on the level of Kuwait and by relying on internal capabilities and the best real estate with the help of the owners of the local and global international experience.



Our clients are our greatest asset that we seek to develop in the framework of diversified real estate services to always be their arm and their window to the requirements in the world of real estate and investment and that high-performance professional full elements and values ​​of the legal structure based on transparency through our team qualification, which we are confident in his abilities to achieve satisfaction and ambition of our customers.


Wedyan Al Mqled

Marketing Manager

Ahmed S. EI Dawy

Legal Consultant

Fedaa Doumt

Regional Manager

Abdullah Al Muhanna

Marketing Officer

Soud Al Moqled

Marketing Officer VIP

Abdulaziz Al Bloushi

Marketing Officer

Abdulaziz Al Bloushi

Deputy Saled Manager

Ahmad Al Suwaity

Marketing Officer

Abdullah Al Qadhi

Assistant Sales Manager